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ABV: 11.5% | Volume: 750mL

The name “Gris” (grey) in French refers to a wine gentler and lighter in color than Rosé. Gris is produced after the grape skins have been macerated for only a few hours, so the wine adsorbs minimal color and becomes pink with a very gentle flavor. After crushing the grapes, we check the color of the grape juice every hour. Once we have reached the desired hue, we remove it from the tank and it ferments by itself in a separate tank. This process is called “bleeding.” The result is a particularly elegant and refined wine, with a very clear hue and a personality in between Rosé and White.
Tasting Notes: The wine has abundant aromas of flowers, citrus and white fruits. It can be an excellent aperitif or drunk with a meal enhanced by Asian, French or Middle Eastern seasoning.

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