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ABV: 50% | Volume: 1L
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Slivovitz, the most famous Czech fruit distillate and without a doubt the national drink, has been produced in Vizovice from the best plum mash for more than a hundred years. Compliance with precise manufacturing processes has been supervised by the RUDOLF JELINEK company since the 19th century. Our master distillers have passed down the traditional recipes from generation to generation. Tradition, together with the latest technologies guarantee the highest quality.  When producing genuine Jelinek slivovitz, traditional practices are adhered to. Based upon which, the aged plum mash passes through a three-stage distillation process, which gives the slivovitz purity and smoothness. The pits remain present in the mash the whole time to supply the resulting beverage with tannins for a distinctive flavour. Before bottling the distillate is aged, ensuring the highest quality of this Czech drink.  Slivovitz is properly served at a temperature corresponding to its surroundings, since it is the only way to achieve the full development of its flavour and aroma.  

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