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ABV: 45% | Volume: 700mL
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Gold slivovitz is unique in the world of fruit distillates, and is traditionally produced in the Wallachian bastion of master distillers, Vizovice. The basis of this distillate is classic slivovitz, which is subject to specific aging in oak barrels and thus acquires new characteristics that you would not expect from slivovitz.   As with slivovitz, production begins with a three-stage distillation of ripe plum mash. The distillate is then stored for aging in oak barrels. Three years of aging in barrels transforms the classic slivovitz into a unique distillate, characterized by its golden colour and aroma similar to cognac or brandy, with harmonious fruit flavours and subtle woody undertones.   This 45% fruit distillate is preferably consumed at a temperature consistent with its surroundings, since it is the only way to achieve the full development of its flavour and aroma.  

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