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ABV: 50% | Volume: 700mL
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Slivovitz can also be kosher. RUDOLF JELÍNEK offers you this rarity, which combines stringent rules and Wallachian tradition, and is brought to you in a five year-old aged form. A combination of traditional production processes, along with supervision by representatives of the American Orthodox Union together with five years of aging is a sure guarantee of the highest quality.  This clear distillate with a sweetish almond aroma from the pits and a delicate, fruity flavour, is prepared by Vizovice master distillers using the latest technology, under the supervision of representatives of the Jewish organization which awards the kosher certificate. Prior to production, manufacturing facilities must be purified by being rinsed with hot and cold water. However, to fully enjoy its quality, you do not have to be members of the Jewish community. The exclusivity of this distillate is underlined by its luxury packaging.  For the full development of aroma and flavour, we recommend enjoying slivovitz at room temperature.  

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