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ABV: 42% | Volume: 700mL
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Kosher Williams pear brandy is a fruit distillate, which is characterized by its delicate fruity flavour and aroma typical of pears. This is due to the Williams variety, from which the distillate is prepared.  pear production is in Chile, South America, a country which is among the largest producers of Williams pears in the world. The demand for a kosher variety of Pear brandy led to the decision to begin producing pear brandy in Vizovice. Adherence to strict production rules  controlled by the Jewish Orthodox Union, is also a necessary condition for a kosher certificate to be granted. Pear brandy, as well as our other distillates, passes through a three-stage distillation process with subsequent aging, which contributes to a harmonisation of aroma and flavour and an overall roundedness of the distillate.  Pear brandy, unlike slivovitz is best consumed slightly chilled for you to experience the full development of aroma and flavour.  

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