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ABV: 70% | Volume: 700mL
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Absinthe is a 70% herbal liqueur made from wormwood, which also contains essential oils of wormwood, anise, fennel and coriander. It gained its popularity thanks to its previously unregulated content of thujone, a psychotropic substance, which caused its consumers some peculiar mental states. Perhaps because of this substance, absinthe was drunk in the past by artists, however it gradually became the drink of choice for the poorest social class. In 1915, it was prohibited for being a symbol of alcoholism. Nowadays thujone in absinthe is regulated and, therefore for the most part these associations connected to this drink are now only myths and legends.
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Tips This wine will be a great gift on special occasions
Product Name Jelinek Absynthe
Price €35.00
Type Liqueur
Country Czech Republic
Alc/Vol 70%
Size 700mL
Bottle Size Regular
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