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ABV: 40% | Volume: 500mL
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In march 2008, Jean-Jacques Godet, started a sailing journey to Antartica. Accompanied by 10 crew members, they sailed from Chile trough Cape Horn to break trough to the South Pole Ice.

To celebrate this exploit, the Cognac Godet created a unique blend of Cognac 70% and Eau de Vie de Vin 30%, inspired by the purity and beauty of the Antartic.

To engineer purity in taste and such a clear color. Jean-Edouard Godet, 15th Generation master blender, had the idea to use centenary old casks to age his Cognacs. Using such a venerable barrel allows him to draw some mellowness without tannins, creating a fresh, velvety & very floral spirit rather than a wood driven one.

Antartica is to be  drunk on the rock or as a cocktail.

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