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ABV: 40% | Volume: 700mL
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In spring, when fruit from the apple tree begins to appear, it is trapped inside a bottle hung on the tree. The apple then grows inside the bottle until it reaches its optimum size.

The bottles, which are then taken down with their fruit, are put in different alcohol baths before the final Eau-de-Vie is added, which will soak up the flavours of the ripe fruit.

This demanding process requires the joint expertise of the arborist and the Maitre Distilateur.

Each year, variations in climate and the whims of nature give each bottle its unique character.

Savour this fresh Calvados, appreciate its hints of ripe apple and let it surprise you with its fresh and flowery finish.

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Tips This wine will be a great gift on special occasions
Product Name Massenez Prisonniere Pomme
Price €45.00
Type Liqueur
Country France
Alc/Vol 40%
Size 700mL
Bottle Size Regular
Manufacturer Distillerie Massenez
SKU 3265120068096

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