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Matar By Pelter - CB
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc,Shiraz, Petit Verdot
This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (44%), Shiraz (44%) Petit Verdot (6%) and Cabernet Franc (6%)from the Upper Galilee and Jerusalem Hills mirrors those characteristics.  Rich and full flavored, with elegance and complex middlemouth feel and a long finish.  The wine was aged for 22 months in oak barrels and offers hints of coffee, dark plum and violet flavors and aromas. Alc. volume: 14.8% Vintage: 2012
Item code: 7290015508056
Region: Galilee
55.10 €
Ex Tax: 45.54 €
Matar By Pelter Chardonnay
Produced from 100% chardonnay grapes. Handpicked Chardonnay grapes grown in the Galilee exhibit nuances of jasmine and honey. Body is medium to full. The wine has been aged for 8 months in oak barrels which adds complexity and richness. Alc. volume: 13.4% Vintage: 2013
Item code: 7290015508018
Region: Galilee
26.00 €
Ex Tax: 21.49 €
Matar By Pelter Chenin Blanc
Galilee Chenin Blanc
Item code: 7290015508087
Region: Upper Galilee
26.00 €
Ex Tax: 21.49 €