Teperberg 1870 Winery


Teperberg 1870 Winery 

Winemaker Shlomo Rauchberger, Olivier Fratty 

Teperberg Winery 1870 was founded in 1870 by Zeev Zaide Teperberg in the old city of Jerusalem and became to be the first family winery founded in Israel in the new era. Ever since then the winery has been privately owned by the family. In the past the winery was named Efrat Winery, producing only “simple” wine like Kiddush wine and grape juice. In the ’90, when Israel wine began to leave its mark on the wine market, they changed their strategy and started to invest in the vineyards and wine technology. This elevated them to a higher level of wine. Today they are named Teperberg 1870 as a remembrance to the past. 

As one of the biggest wineries in Israel, they have vineyards located in most wine growing regions in Israel, enabling them to always choose the best grapes to produce the wine. Nowadays, the fifth generation, Mr. Moti Teperberg is the owner and the CEO of the Teperberg winery. In 2006 the winery, which is the fourth biggest winery in Israel, moved to its new modern site in Judean district. The winery sprawls over an area of 2 hectare in the heart of vineyards at the foot hills of the Judean Mountains. This area is an important milestone of the wine tourism in Israel. Moreover, this area combines the long lasting wine history and modern growing regions of high quality grapes. The winery's vineyards sprawl over an area of over 350 hectare, from the Negev mountain in the south to the Upper Galilee in the north including vineyards in the Judean Mountains and the Shomron Mountains.

As part of the winery innovative approach, selected vineyards with new varieties such as the Malbec, Viognier and Sangiovese are grown alongside the known varieties. The winery offers three main series of wine: Silver, Terra and Reserve which are composed of classical wines, white and red, mature over a period of 6 – 18 months in French oak wooden barrels. 


The location of the vineyard is very significant in terms of the grapes quality. The factors that affect the quality of the grapes and the wine are, the temperature in the area of the vineyard, winds, the nature of the soil and the minerals within it. Generally speaking, in order to grow high-quality grapes, a rather low temperature is needed during summer nights and low temperatures around the clock in winter.

The vineyards used by Teperberg were selected carefully following a close observation of all the related data, including the soil and the climate. This approach enables the Teperberg winery to produce quality wine from selected varieties. 

The winemakers 

Chief Winemaker since 2002, Shlomo Rauchberger (Shiki) is one of the most renowned and respected winemaker in Israel. He learned winemaking while working with international winemaking expert Peter Stern in California. Before joining Teperberg 1870, Shlomo served as Chief winemaker for Carmel Wineries and also specialized in various wineries in Chile and Australia. Shiki has a masters degree in agriculture from HU faculty of Agriculture and also studied at University of California Davis. 

Olivier Fratty was born in France and immigrated to Israel at a young age with his parents. He was exposed to the world of wine while working as a waiter after military service and decided to abandon his plans to study pharmacy in favor of winemaking. He studied Plant Science at the HU Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot and studied enology in Bordeaux.

During his studies in France, he worked in several wineries in the Bordeaux region of Pessac-Leognan and Saint-Emillion and gained in-depth knowledge of Old World work methods. He conducted research for his academic degree at Chateau research for his academic degree at Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte on "Flavor and color components in the production of red wine in barrels". He joined the winery in 2006, working alongside the Chief Winemaker.