To create these wines the winemakers choose grapes from the best Israeli vineyards and terroirs. Fermented and aged separately in top quality barrels, Reserve Label wines undergo additional aging in the cellars before being released.

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Recanati Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon
Grapes for this Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon are grown high in the slopes of Northern Galilee, where the rocky, porous soil and a cool sea breeze nurture this noble varietal. Grapes are harvested by hand from late September through mid-October. Immediately following the crush, the must is chilled to 60ºF en route to the fermentation vats. The crushed grapes then cold macerate for three days to cultivate their complex taste and singular fragrance. After three weeks of fermentation, the wine is tra
Item code: 7290008670302
Region: Northern Galilee
24.70 €
Ex Tax: 20.41 €
Recanati Reserve Marselan
Marselan, a unique Southern French varietal, is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. Marselan combines the nobility of Cabernet Sauvignon with the savage Grenache, to create this "noble savage" wine. Recanati Marselan is the first Israeli varietal Marselan.
Item code: 7290008670692
26.50 €
Ex Tax: 21.90 €
Recanati Reserve Merlot
The Recanati Reserve Merlot is an elegant full bodied red wine with a rich Bordeaux color. Its bouquest of red berries, cassis, and roses is marked by white pepper, vanilla, cloves, and green olives. A small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon gives the Merlot extra structure, depth and aging potential. This Merlot will gain complexity and character with 3-8 years cellaring and should age gracefully for at least a decade. Grown in Israel's Northern Galilee--a climate identical to Napa Valley--Merl
Item code: reservemerlot
Region: Northern Galilee
24.70 €
Ex Tax: 20.41 €
Recanati Reserve Wild Carignan
This wine was produced from dry-farmed vines on the slopes of the Judea hills, where the constant search for water causes the roots to penetrate deep into the mineral subsoil.  The vines are "head trained" (Gobelet), giving them an ancient, wild appearance.  The wine was minimally filtered, and is brought to you as is; true, natural wine from Israel .
Item code: 7290008670579
Region: Judean Hills
35.50 €
Ex Tax: 29.34 €