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Godet Cognac Classique Cuvée

The Classic Range of bucket is defined by ict freshness and spicy fullness colored with floral hints. The Cuvee: has a Powerful nose, fresh aromas of vanilla with notes of leather. 
Item code: 3278480284617
33.00 €
Ex Tax: 27.27 €
Godet Cognac Extra

Expressing the quintessence of the oldest cognacs, Extra is made for connoisseurs. It is a sensual drink, with tastes of spices, softened by scents of dry flowers.
Item code: extra
330.00 €
Ex Tax: 272.73 €
Godet Cognac Gastronome

A Cognac Created for Sensitive Souls. A Fine Champagne Cognac, intense, fruited and fresh. Gastronome is a cognac that has a floral nose and a fruit-driven taste.
Item code: 327848585859
67.00 €
Ex Tax: 55.37 €
Godet Cognac Renaissancea
2,200.00 €
Ex Tax: 1,818.18 €
Godet Cognac V.S.O.P.
50.00 €
Ex Tax: 41.32 €
Godet Cognac X.O.
110.00 €
Ex Tax: 90.91 €